Re-Discovering YOU Coaching Series

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31 August 2023, from 

7:00pm GMT+2 to 8:30pm GMT+2

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Hosted by Colleen Strauss

Get ready to rediscover yourself in the upcoming Re-Discovering YOU Coaching Series starting 31 August 2023!


Are you prepared to reignite your inner spark and seize the life you were destined to lead?


Secure your spot in the 2023 Re-Discovering YOU Group Coaching Series.

Is The Person You Aspire to Become Eagerly Awaiting their Discovery?

Is there a dormant spark within you, yearning to be rekindled? Are you poised to lay claim to a life brimming with purpose, balance, and contentment?

Then embrace this opportunity to join in on the 2023 Re-Discovering YOU Online Coaching Series. This is an immersive, 12 week coaching series scheduled to start on Thursday, August 31st, running from 7:00pm GMT+2 to 8:30pm GMT+2 and running through to the 16 November 2023. We get to meet up once a week online with a group of like-minded individuals. 

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This coaching series has been meticulously crafted to allow you to enrich your life and get a chance to unearth some tools and strategies poised to empower you in reshaping your life and reigniting your inner fervor!

Starting 31 August 2023
Register today for the online Re-Discovering YOU group coaching. 

Embark on a Journey to Unstoppable Resilience and inner peace with the Re-Discovering YOU Online Coaching Series. Learn to embrace the profound truth about how phanomenal you are when you get to re-discovery your truth.

Commit wholeheartedly and embracing your UNSTOPPABLE essence.

Becoming unstoppable isn't synonymous with never experiencing fear... it's about refusing to allow fear to dictate the course of your life. It's about dismantling the barriers that have concealed your authentic self and stepping into the vibrant existence that has always been destined for you.

Revitalize, replenish, and establish connections within an extraordinary community of courageous and supportive like-minded individuals. Immerse yourself in the potency of collective evolution, where each stride you take towards your aspirations is met with encouragement and jubilation from your fellow participants.

Envision yourself empowered – living up to your utmost potential, standing resolute, and embracing opportunities. This vision has the potential to manifest in reality.

Join in on the Re-Discovering YOU Online Group Coaching Series and embark on your inaugural step towards making it a reality.

Are you READY to embark on this journey of Re-Discovering YOU?

Claim you spot today and take advantage of the discounted rate for WOMEN's month. ONLY US$237.00 for the entire coaching program

Starting 31 August 2023
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For less than a coffee and muffin a day, you get to embark on a transformational journey of Re-Discovering YOU

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